Preparatory School for Girls

Halstead Preparatory School Staff  
Headmistress Mrs S Maher BSc (Hons) Leeds, GTP Kingston, MBA CASS Business School  
Deputy Head  Miss M Eaton BA (Hons) Wales, PGCE Winchester  
Assistant Head, SENDCo, Pastoral Lead Mrs S Hemsworth MA (Hons) Oxford,BA (Hons), QTS Reading, NASENC  
Head of Pre-Prep Mr C Wardle BEd (Hons) Cambridge, MIMC London  
Bursar & Clerk to the Governors Mrs T Beard DSBM  
Teaching Staff  
Miss C Antell BA (Hons) Brunel, QTS Brunel Miss K Archibald BMus (Hons)  Huddersfield, PGCE Durham  
Miss E Baggaley MA Cambridge (Hons), PGCE Greenwich, GDL, LPC Miss L Baker BA (Hons) Kingston, EYPS Kingston  
Miss A Bunce PGCE Durham, QTS Durham Mrs C Crew BSc (Hons) Thames Valley  
Mrs A Foster BEd Hons Cheltenham  Mrs C Hutchings MSc Delft, QTS Reading  
Mrs K Jackman BA (Hons) Durham, PGCE Durham Mrs L Johnson BA (Hons) Manchester, PGCE St Mary’s  
Mrs C Lytle BSc (Hons) Bath, QTS Bath Mrs C Redding BA (Hons) with QTS West Sussex  
Miss S Robertson BA (Hons) Reading. GTP Southampton Ms S Tudoran MSc Timisoara, BSc Timisoara, QTS Timisoara  
Ms T Vanders BSc City of London    
Miss J Connelly BA (Hons) Liverpool Hope    
Miss E Bollons CACHE L3 Miss N Fahy NVQ L3 NNEB  
Support Staff  
Mrs C Allen NVQ L3 Early Years Care & Education Mrs S Baker BA (Hons) Winchester, PGRD   
Mrs D Cane NVQ L3 Mrs K Emerson NVQ L2  
Mrs N Milne-Home BA, Exeter Miss B Roberts BA (Hons) Farnborough,  CACHE L3  
Mrs S Rondeau-Smith SSTL L3 Mrs L Way BA Glasgow, Caledonian  
After School Care
Mrs S Garman CACHE L2 Mrs L Inglis CACHE L2
Administration Staff
PA to Headmistress Miss S Lambert
Registrar/Marketing Manager Mrs M Patrick
Reception Manager Mrs D Diliberto
Finance Assistant Miss L Futcher
Network Manager Mr M Arshad
Catering Manager Mr D Cepollina
Facilities Manager Mr J Doyle
Caretakers Mr N Woodley / Mr W Madeley
Visiting Staff
Mr J Barnes (Core Judo) Ms L Bell (Cremona School of Dance)
Mrs L Bevan BMus Kingston  Ms J Camachon (Core Judo)
Mrs C Clift-Savill (Inner Ambition) Mr A Cova (Tiger Tennis)
Ms G Fletcher (Cremona School of Dance) Miss P Gray (Cremona School of Dance)
Ms J Henson (Lions Sports Academy) Ms C Hollingshead (Tiger Tennis)
Mr H Hubbard (Woking Hockey Club) Mr M Jeffries (Tiger Tennis)
Mrs R Jeffries BMus (Hons) Surrey, MMus Surrey Miss L Lawn (Inner Ambition)
Mr D Mills BA (Hons) First Class in Music (Classical) - Hull Miss A Moore BNus (Hons) Royal Holloway, University of London
Miss M Nash BA (Hons) Canterbury Christchurch, PGDME Roehampton Mrs C Pearce BMus Nottingham, LGSM, LTCL, ALCM
Ms S Stevens (Fired Frog) Mr A Turner (Core Judo)
Ms N Waells (Cremona School of Dance) Mrs S Yeates (Fired Frog)
External Staff
Mrs F Carey (teacher at Pool in the Park, Woking) Mrs J Christie (teacher at Pool in the Park, Woking)
Ms M Clarke (teacher at Pool in the Park, Woking) Ms A Gilliam (teacher at Pool in the Park, Woking)
Mrs L Joy (teacher at Pool in the Park, Woking) Mrs K Lake (teacher at Pool in the Park, Woking)
Ms H Rose-Freeland (teacher at Pool in the Park, Woking)