Preparatory School for Girls

PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)

PSHEE promotes the girls’ self-development and their participation as active members of the school and wider community. Girls become aware of their own responsibilities and develop a caring, respectful appreciation of others.

Our pupils explore the spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up in today’s society. In addition they develop a healthy, safe lifestyle as they learn how to make effective choices and seek help when required. 

The PSHEE curriculum covers a variety of themes including friendship, global issues, political and economic issues, diversity, environmental issues, keeping safe, making choices, health and wellbeing, kindness and charitable giving, and values, and British Values.  At Halstead we use Go-Givers, a web based programme that provides resources that are used to develop caring citizens via the use of fun, friendly puppets, known as Go-Givers characters. PSHEE and Citizenship lessons are taught with modern, interactive web tools that involve cross-curricular themes incorporating current news items.

The PSHEE curriculum comes alive with theme days, guest speakers and trips.  For example, Halstead girls have met the mayor and attended Working Borough Council and we have had had visits from the Fire Service and RNLI.  Fundamental British Values are interwoven through the balanced curriculum.  Special days, such as ‘Halstead Habits Day,’ include focused time and attention to the values that permeate through the curriculum.  Many events, such as Children in Need, Jeans for Genes Day, Red Nose Day and the Golden Boot Challenge encourage the girls to participate as active members of the school and wider community. Our Student Council helps the school community as they voice their suggestions and make decisions. 

Our international link with a school in Romania encourages pupils to develop a greater understanding of culture and diversity.  The Halstead girls work cooperatively with children from other countries to make a greater impact as they work on projects, such as the ‘Save the World Project’ involving recycling and reusing materials.  The School’s Eco monitors also keenly help with recycling and promote awareness of green issues throughout the School.

The skills that the girls learn in their PSHEE lessons are reinforced in lessons throughout the curriculum. The girls listen carefully to others, share their ideas with confidence and learn new information. Halstead girls are encouraged to participate as members of the school, local and international communities as they make an impact in the world around them and become reflective learners.