Preparatory School for Girls

Pastoral Care

Halstead is a very happy school where all children feel confident and valued.

Pastoral Care is central to school life and children are nurtured and listened to as individuals.  Strong relationships are built up between children and staff but, in particular, the child’s form teacher who has daily contact easily responding to a child’s individual needs quickly and appropriately. This trust and respect also allows for any issues to be dealt with easily. Through our classroom rules all children are aware of the process should they, on a rare occasion, display behaviour that is not kind or appropriate.  Our aim is very much to equip children with the skills to create successful friendships and to be respectful of others.

There is a strong culture of praise and encouragement within the school, rewards are given regularly for good behaviour, excellent work, effort and citizenship and are recognised by the children as being important. Responsibility is equally valued and all children have a chance to be on the School Council or an Eco monitor whilst all Year 6 are Prefects with particular responsibilities across the whole school.

Relationships throughout the school are excellent, and both pupils and their parents say it feels like a happy family.
ISI Inspection Report 2014